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Condominium Security Services by Klass Protection Ltd

Klass Protection Ltd. among many other market sectors, provides security services for condominiums. Our security guards deliver quality services such as:

  • concierge
  • condominium building foot patrols
  • condominium building underground and above-ground parking lots patrols
  • observe, enforce and document access control for condominium owners and their visitors
  • observe, enforce and document parking rules and regulations for condominium tenants and their visitors
  • observe and document the status of mechanical and electrical systems that serve the condominium building they protect (sometimes our security guards complete maintenance logs as instructed by property managers or superintendents)
  • identify, report and correct (within the job description limits) health and safety hazards
  • protect the condominium properties from trespassers
  • attend and try to solve in a very polite, courteous but firm manner any noise complaints or other type of complaints generated by the owners after hours
  • assist property managers with any tasks as required (such access card set-up, fob set-up, key control, etc)
  • provide security for the party rooms
  • provide contractor escort services and key custody if contractors presence requires such action and if authorized by the property management and or their delegates

We work closely with Property Management Companies to ensure that maximum security with the highest level of customer service is delivered to condominium unit owners in the buildings we protect. Besides the excellent quality of the security personnel we recruit for any condominium building that we service, we always look for the way to reduce our rates and save the condominium corporations money that can be used for improvement or to maintain the condominium fees at the lowest level possible. In other words, at Klass Protection Ltd we try to deliver more than what you pay for. How many companies do that? 

Call Klass Protection Ltd. to contract the best security agency for your condominium building. 1-800-993-0991

 As a high quality condominium security services provider, Klass Protection Ltd. offers a wide variety of value added services for any Property Management Company that contracts us. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Annual building security audits free of any costs. These audits provide a great feedback meant to improve the security for your condominium building while keeping your security services budget low.
  • Free of charge random quality control inspections performed on our staff to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and test or evaluate the site specific knowledge and the quality of training the security guard has received for your condominium building.
  • Health and safety inspections performed by our security guards as well as our management. These site inspections provide a great feedback to the Property Managers and Tenants and are meant to improve everyone living respectively working conditions at your site.
  • Echo friendly administrative solutions such as electronic billing submissions, electronic reporting, online account management and acceptance of electronic payments and credit card processing.
  • Our "Stay Competitive" program that includes a series of pricing and cost structuring guidelines where actually we are trying to minimize the cost of service rather than increase it, through proper utilization of our internal resource combined with our excellent 24/7 Operations Centre scheduling policies.
  • No security guard overtime charges. 

 Our guarantee to all Klass Protection Ltd. Customers is that we will always deliver the condominium security service with a quality way above the industry standard, at the most competitive rates.